Get more visibility from higher placed organic Search Engine positions, with good SEO.

Its all about greater visibility with proper SEO, to Rank as high as possible in the Search Engines. The higher the position on the first page results, the higher number of visitors you will receive to your website.

This process on the right will allow the increase in the keywords ranking positions on Google and is done monthly as required. 

The increase of exposure will effect the entire domain, not only the targeted keywords, which will also start to rank for keywords that are not specifically targeted for.

The SEO Process:
1. Keyword Research to find the best performing keywords to target for your website. 
2. Once we agree with the suggested keywords, we will integrate the suggestion keywords onto your website, optimize and re-writing content as required.
3. We then start the process of link building, by aquiring Relevant high authority links to the website.
4. Then we create professionally written weekly blog posts for the website.

SEO is a continuous and ongoing process of :

Keyword research
On-page optimization
Off-page optimization: Link-building
Social signals
Search and click traffic optimization
Local Directory submissions.
Weekly blog posts.
Monthly PDF ranking report via email.

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